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Round 9 sees the car go back to the Nurburgring.

Obviously she got the obligatory clean before we set off. The stock wheels went back on with some new Bridgestone RE070s.

We got about a dozen laps in and the car was perfroming really well. With my limited track work we were running approx 9 min BTG times. The car felt good and we passed a fair amount of quicker stuff.
Everything was going really well until we heard the dreaded rumbling of what we later realised was a OSF wheel bearing... Disaster.

Now i dont know about you guys, but if youre looking for parts for a japanese car in Germany. You might have more luck getting a date with Elvis. It aint happening.
We got the car back to the ringhaus (our local hotel) and proceeded to stip the car down. Basically we had got the brakes too hot and it had cooked the bearing, the NSF also showed signs of wear but not to dangerous levels. Big speeds, huge grip and hot brakes play havoc with wheel bearings.

Here she is looking rather sorry for herself.

We managed to track down a dealer in Daun that had a bearing kit and i was fortunate enough to have good friends like MADDOG who kindly drove Zak down there to get a new bearing kit.

As you may know, Germany doesnt work on a Sunday but to our great gratitude we knew someone that could help us. Olly is a local mechanic in Nurburg kindly opend up his tuning shop (CS Nurburg) and pressed the new bearing pack in the hub for us. However the damage was quite severe and the bearing had damaged to driveshaft to the point that the out race on the bearing was not in contact with the shaft when pressed back on.

Our only choice was to:

A) Get it recovered by the ADAC where it would spend a possible 14 days in a pound before being trailered home.
B) Fit the bearing and fit the hub nut in place and drive home at a snails pace.

As you can imagine, there was no way that i wanted to be leaving the car in a pound unattended in Germany so we decided to drive her home.

Once home, she was taken straight to Mocom. Here she was treated to all new bearings and brand new hubs. We decided the brakes were not up to the track use we wanted.

So a braking upgrade was further on the cards, the brembos were fully overhauled repainted and sold... looked better than new when they went lol.

Here are a few on track pics...

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