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So with the car back home all repaired but without any brakes, i go through what upgrades are available.
I desperately wanted to be able to keep my 17 wheels as i just loved the RE070s on track. After investigating the like s of AP, Stoptech, Mov-it, Brembo, Alcon etc etc etc. I finally decided on the Alcons.
The Alcons were available in a 6 pot monoblock caliper but more importantly they had the largest possible disc to fit behind my OEM 17" wheels.

Alcon had a setup with 343mm fully floating discs which i really liked the look of. I contacted EARS motorsport and promptly ordered the setup.

The setup arrived about a fortnight later. Eager to get them on it took a day off work to go to Mocom to fit the new stoppers.
However unpacking the boxes, theer was one fundemental problem, they had sent me a 4pot kit instead of the 6 pots i had originally ordered.

I called them and explained my issue. However i was told that Alcon currently had a huge order being processed for Bentley cars and i wouldnt have another set for 14 days. A little disheartened i accepted that that was that and i would have to wait.
A month goes by and i eventally get my 2nd set. Again i take a day off and rush down to Mocom to get the new brakes on. Unwrapping the boxes like a 5 year old at christmas there ware my lovely 6 pots.
However, the discs looked huge, and sure enough they had sent me the 370mm setup. I checked the boxes and not only were they the wrong diameter but the PCD on the bells were wrong.

By this point im absolutely fuming, once again a call and explain my problems.

I was told that they would have a set especially made for me ASAP and i also asked for a 2nd set of pads for my troubles. I then waited another month for the 3rd set to be made. EARS assured me that they would trial fit my brakes to a Subaru in the work shop to ensure they were perfect before they were deliverd to me. Reluctantly i agreed, id waited that long, what was another few days going to hurt.

Sure enoght EARS received my 3rd set and called me to explain their findings.
Basically they didn't fit, they needed 2.9mm removed from the radial mount to bring the calipers closer to the hub and then they wanted me to run 7mm spacers in order make them fit under my wheels.

Ive told them to poke the brakes and that i wanted my money back!! It had been 9 weeks now and after 3 sets of brakes which cost me 1800, im not prepared to settle for anything less.

I said funk it and ditched the 17s and ordered a set from AP Racing. I ordered their 356mm 6 pots. Sure enough they wered delivered promptly and when i fitted them they were perfect. My dealings with Alcon disgusted me and i would unfortunately never be able to recomend them to anyone.

I just wish i had bought the APs in the first place, but hey, we live and learn.

As a treat to getting teh car home i purchased a Prodrive diff guard. When it arrived it was in a plain machined finish.

So i decided to rub it down, polish it and paint it in the authentic prodrive colouring..... mcuh better i think

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