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Another issue highlighted to me whilst at the ring was the sheer volume of the car. So i decided to get a proper exhaust syestem made onec and for all.

The OEM system was too restrictive but nice and quiet. The 2.5 Hayward & Scott was too raspy and loud and agin too restrictive.
The 3" is system was still way too loud and had quite afew flaws for what i wanted. I didnt like the fact that it was too loud for track work, and it was heavier than I wanted it to be.

The 3" system was putting out a staggering 109dB static @ 4000rpm. This was over all but the most lenient of track noise regs. Being an ex Fordy i had previous knoledge of a compant called Primary Designs. I spoke to them regarding making me a bespoke system and they seemed quite keen. The car was booked in a months time and ready to go.

2 days before the car was due to go in i called the guys there to check what time i should arrive. Only to be told that they couldnt do it due to a new ramp being installed and that the original price i was quoted had now doubled! We're talking way over 4 figures here.

I was pretty disgusted at how they had acted, as i dare say i would not have even been told had i of not called to check my booking.

Sod it, so i sacked that idea off and called Matt @ Simpson Race Exhausts in Slough. Matt was very helpful and was happy to listen when i discussed exactly what i wanted from my system.

I wanted a turboback system that would:

-Flow enough for well over 500bhp
-Be as quiet a feasibly possible without restricting flow.
-Had to be fitted as close to the car as possible with flawless fitment

My requiremnts were high and my expectations were even higher. But when you're paying good money, you expect a good job. One other thing i mentioned to Matt was to have the outlet pointed down to the floor at a 45 degree angle just like the big powered scandinavian racecars and mental Group B rally cars of the 1980's.

This was a big gamble for me as i knew it had not been don on an Impreza to my knoledge before and if it looked wrong it could take the shine off of a very expensive exhaust system. Matt knew exactly what i was aiming for and said that i would be suitably impressed... i sure hoped so.

A few weeks went by and i got the call to say the car was ready. Needless to say i was very nervous, how could i be nervous about an exhaust system lol.

To say i was delighted with the finished article was a huge understatement. The work the guys had done was by my standards absolutely impecable. The fit and finish was amazing, the look was right, the sound was right and more importantly it was only 91.5dB ststic @ 4500rpm. Fantastic.

The system pipework had been made from 0.6mm lightweight stainless, the only joint in it was connected with a V-Band clamp for seamless flow, there wass a 5"x7" race silencer in the centre and a 7" dia repacakable race silencer at the rear.

Even the hollow lightweight hangers had little split pins through them for added security. I was suitably chuffded and my gamble had again paid off, the look was absolutely awesome.

The 4 figure pricetag was worth every penny imo, and my track focused car was getting ever closer to my dream spec.

Coming up in round 12 sees more carbon of a different kind and future plans.

Stick around
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