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damb i wish i went to the autox it seems like it whas way fun! how whas the corse was i better then last time. last time i got worked. about me working i work by 4500s and i-215. myne is the only 2.2 in the valey w/ an exoust if u dont see me ull probably hear me it damb loud.and a milo sticker on the brack. also a russina lisense on the front. i have 3wrx tims on at the moment the other one is probably coming in on mon. if the guy still has it. hay does any one know anybody that has an extra wrx rim/tire combo for sale? also are those stock WRX tires any good or are they just garbidge. also has anyone heard anything about the pirelli supersport7000 i was looking at maby gitting them and anything about the clutch master stage 2? but if anyone is interested in going for the drive just send me an email [email protected] so i could set this up. ive only been up that road 1 time w/ 3 people in my car and it wasn't pulling to well but this time i only want 1 peorson if any(2.2 are so slow w/ people in them) well i hope this can happen but only thing that im scetching is cops. does anyone know if cops patrol that road at all? i know whan i did it i saw no cops.
like i said if u want to go on the drive just email me!!
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