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Originally Posted by shvrdavid View Post
I measured my exhaust setup...

The smallest diameter on my Ultimate Racing setup is 46mm at the v-band couplers for the up-pipe... Head pipes are 48mm inside diameter...
Yeh thats a nice size but because of restrictions with RHD i could only maximally go 38mm IDA for the twin scroll upipe. So i figured that there was no point going bigger in the headers as it would get shoved back to the smaller diameter..

Also the turbo housing has around that size diameter also for each scroll..

Found a silcone joiner 3" that we stretched over to fit 3 1/8" TB...

I gave it an absolute stomp on the way home and did it feel quicker hard to say, but its was scary fast either way..hahahha.

Its still stuck on and hasnt blown off which is a start.. Will be going on the dyno next friday when i get some other stuff sorted out.. to see if its changed in terms of power.. So if we have time maybe put on the standard mani as a comparison

Otherwise ill be putting back the standard manifold and doing a direct comparo..
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