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Unhappy i don't get it

Originally Posted by Feign View Post
Yeah, but the anti-foulers are mentioned in there.

I'm not going to knock this thread, but I found out how to do this with a little bit of searching (back when the search sucked balls, mind you) and a little bit of brain matter to piece information together.
How do you think i figured it out? Just the same way you said you figured it out; "with a little bit of searching and a little bit of brain matter" I'm helping out the people who constantly search for this without finding one conclusive thread. I thought i would make it easier for some people so that they wouldn't have to search all over the place and piece together threads like you said, just to figure out something as simple as this.

I don't understand what is with people... I took time out of my day to go back and take pictures of what i had done earlier that day to help people out there who had the same problem i did, and I keep getting people who are saying i didn't need to post it. Well, there are thousands and thousands of threads that aren't of use to EVERYONE out there, but there are definitely some people out there who really need them, so if this thread is of no need to you as an individual, then don't say anything unless its a complement, and move on with your day. I can guarantee you that at one point or another, sombody (hopefully more than just a somebody) will find this thread and use it just the way it was designed to be used. As a HOW-TO, not a target for criticism.

If you already know HOW TO do this, then you have no business reading it, or wasting your time commenting on it.

Sorry if this thread bothers anyone, but i made it because i couldn't find one like this when i wanted to do this same thing to my car, so i did it to help out those who are in the same situation. So, if you're not in said situation, and you're not leaving a complement (BTW, thanks for the complements from everone!) then i don't know why you're leaving a comment.

SO, that having been said, lets try and save the criticism for things a little more important than how-to threads that you already understand and have figured out for yourself.

The only criticism that i want, and that i have previously stated in the original post, is if i have misinterpreted anything or explained anything incorrectly. I know that there are other threads out there that contain similar information, that is how i figured it out for myself, but if one person pieces together all the information regarding one issue and puts it all together in one thread, that will save a lot of people a lot of time in the future.
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