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Question can't stop running rich from RRFPR

hey guys i have this problem ever since i installed my turbo kit about 3 months ago....when i got my car back i was running super rich for the first the installer forgot to pull out my stock plugs....i have a cartech RRFPR and was wondering if the top screw where you can tune with your thumb should be all the way in at all the time?? this controls how soon the FPR starts pumping fuel right?? the side screw where you need some kindda socket wrench is for how much fuel right?? i'm kindda wonder how you guys have your set up?? the problem is my idle temp is around 500-600F and my full tank of gas will probably give me about 225 miles maybe a little think my O2 sensors are fried too from the first week running super rich....i have an air/fuel meter from autometer and it reads all the way to rich all the time while cruising.....when i hammer the gas the meter will slowly creep to about the first block of stoch....and sometimes cross over to lean.....this really sucks cause i'm running a 15.1 at the 1/4 mile and wondering if this time is caused be still running too rich....i am running 4.5 lbs. boost and have an super ITC retarding not more than 3 degrees at the most around the high RPM's and running 92 octane....can you guys tell me how you tuned you cartech RRFPR??? thanx much guys

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