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Default Clicking noise at < 65kmiles

car: 2002 LGT 5MT
miles: < 65kmiles
Mods: borla knockoff header, magnaflow axleback

So, I've done my research...I've been searching for the answer for the past 3-4months. I took my car to the dealership and they said they couldn't determine the problem due to my car having header and muffler...supposedly they're not trained to work on modded cars...and when i told them about what i read on the forum about voided warranties, i guess the mechanic got alil offended that i did my research before going in, he told me that he would charge me $100 to take a look at my car for less than 5 mins...i said no thanks cuz thats just bs...

i've searched and read on the threads with smilar problems and i came down to this conclusion: Belt tensioner malfunction.

The description of the issue:
When I start the car at very cold temp. until i drive it around for 5-10mins. I have this knocking or clicking sound coming from the belt area. The sound can be heard under load between 1.5k to 2.5k rpm. I do not hear it when idling but the belt is squeeling alittle. I don't have a heatshield anymore because I replaced my header. Also, similar sound issues that I've read are: knocking when the engine warms up but thats a rod knock and my problem goes away when the car warms up. The thread I read with a guy owning an impreza stated that it was belt tensioner malfunction which was covered under warranty. Due to the dealership around my area being not cooperative within my warranty period, I lost my warranty. I was wondering if anyone else can chime in and help me come to a conclusion of what the problem is with my car. Anyone with similar problem on their Legacy? I checked the N/A forum and that's the conclusion I came up with.

If the belt tensioner is the problem, I would like an instruction on how to replace it with torque spec and step by step if possible. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long story.
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