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I basically traced every wire back on the RS and WRX and made sure that the RS plug in my car matched the WRX plug. I did this back when the harness was out of the car. For anyone looking just make sure you match the pin arrangements and you’ll be fine. Having said all that I have found out from a reliable source that you don’t need to do this. I did it anyway. And all gauges and sensors work in my car just fine. As with everything, you can follow my advice at your own risk (note: that was my disclaimer; if you mess your car up it’s not my fault).


To prime the turbo I unplugged the fuel pump controller and cranked the engine three times for ten seconds at a time. I then plugged the fuel pump controller back in and the car fired up. I turned it off after about 20 seconds of it running and took this video:

The stupid video won’t load onto Photobucket. It shows it running and I walk over and show the gauge cluster and the absent check engine light.
We managed to get it running with no problems, no check engine lights, no issues and no we did not “get lucky”. We just double checked everything before putting anything back together. After the last video we bled the brakes, put the wheels on and kicked the living llll out of the car. Damn does she move. The brakes feel amazing. It boosts good, it rides good, everything works (including heated seats which are a must up here). And just in the nick of time.

Short video just after that last time we drove the car:

Random Picture

Here is that bracket we made again for the plugs. Finally got around to attaching the base of the clips to the bracket so we could still take off the plugs as we wish.

Here the plugs are on.

Cruise control unit bolted up nice and easy. There is even an empty spot on the I/C mount to put a bolt through. The unit is farther away from the turbo then some of the other lines and there is still enough room for the air deflector to deflect air at the turbo. So it should be fine.

There was no pretty way to run the CC cable. Following the OEM WRX route wouldn’t work because the RS cable is too long. So we ran it in such a way that there would be the least amount of kinks.

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