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Step 0:
Mark alignment on garage floor.
Loosen lugs and put front of car on jack stands.

Step 1:
I'll assume you know how to do these steps, so there is no explanation.
Remove the plastic undertray.
Remove the subframe.
Remove jack plate.
Remove front wheels.

Step 2:
Release tie-rods from the control arm. First remove the locking pin with tome pliers and undo the castle nut. Use some PB Blaster to make this release easier.

If you have a ball joint puller, you may use that, if not, use a hammer to push it out, taking care not to damage the threads or the ball joint's rubber grease housing.

Remove the sway bar's end links, making sure to remember washer placement.

Step 3:
Remove the steering wheel's lower u-joint. Or at lease loosen it.
Use a syringe to drain fluid from the power steering reservoir.
Disconnect the two power steering pipes from the rack. To do this, I ended up using a crow's foot wrench on an 8" extension through the rack frame (there's a small gap, you'll see) to turn the lower bolt while I held the upper bolt in place with a flare nut wrench from above the rack and frame. I do not recall the exact wrench sizes for the lower bolts, but the upper bolts were 17mm & 19mm. The lower ones may have been 12 & 14mm. Once you break a bolt free, be prepared for the ATF fluid to come out.

Step 4:
Remove the steering rack, with tie rods attached.
Depending on year, you either have 4 bolts on the driver's side and two on the passenger or two and two. Either way, simply remove the bolts and finagle the rack out of the car. I had to rotate the sway bar out of the way to get it out.

Step 5:
Remove/slide away the boot bands holding the stock rack's boots on. On the larger side, you have to stretch the crimped area wider so that you can expand the circumference enough to unlatch the band. If you have an 05+ these are junk now. The small side just requires a squeeze of the pliers and will be reused. Push the boots back to reveal the inner tie-rod to steering rack connection.

Remove the inner tie-rods from the steering rack by grabbing the two flats on the conical cap. Yours may or may not have a lock washer on there. Mine did not. I did this by securing the rack in a vise and pulling like crazy on an adjustable wrench. I think it is 32mm though, if you have that size of a crescent wrench. It is on there pretty tight, so you probably will need to have someone hold it in the vise. Be sure not to clamp the vise on the barel of the rack or on any "shiny part".

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