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Step 6:
Install the tie-rods onto the Q-Rack. Tq. spec is 58ft-lbs, but just get it good and tight since you won't be able to use a torque wrench. Re-do lock washer if you had one.
Put the boots back on. In my case, it looks like the circumference of the Q-Rack was a tiny bit larger than the stock rack. I heated the bands to get them on the rack. Because of this, the stock boot bands were too short. I used a pair of worn drive pipe clamps in place.
Use a set of pliers to make sure the rack is centered by turning the input shaft.

Step 7:
Install Q-Rack into car.
First, just lightly tighten the four bolts that will mount the Q-Rack so that it is in place but free to move around.
Re-install the tie-rods.
Re-connect the steering u-joint making sure the steering wheel is centered. Remember, do not freely spin the steering wheel.
Finger tighten the rack and then re-install the power steering pipes. It may help to remove the clamp that holds them together. Be sure you are not cross threading the bolts.
Fully tighten the rack to the car. 44ft-lbs.

Step 8:
Re-install the end-links.
Re-install jack plate.
Re-install subframe.
Re-install plastic cover.
Re-install wheels.

Step 9:
Top off power steering fluid reservoir with ATF fluid.
Have someone start the car for 3 seconds, then turn off, making sure the fluid level is within limits. Repeat 3x.
Once the fluid level has stabilized, turn the car on and SLOWLY turn the wheel lock to lock. Take 30+ seconds to reach opposite lock. Always be sure the reservoir does not run low on fluid.
Top fluid off to marked level.

Step 10:
Perform quick alignment based on the marks you made on the floor.
Lower car.
Torque wheels.
Go for a gentile spin.
Get an alignment.
Enjoy your new Q-Rack.
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