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Ok, lets try this again..

This is for those of you that keep getting the re-occuring codes P0011 and P0021. Basically, this pertains to vehicles w/ AVCS. Yeah, there are bulletins on filters and other silly stuff that may apply to some peoples cars but there are other "underlying" issues at hand. Oiling problems to name one. Let me show you some examples that have passed through my shop within the last month (at least 4 different cars).

First off we have a view of the camshaft mains that are wiped out and no longer provide a good seal to feed enough oil pressure to the AVCS cam gears.

Here's a view of the matching camshaft that is also wiped out.

Here is a view of the same camshafts other journal that is wiped out.

Here is a view of the cap that mates to the head and also helps feed oil to the AVCS.

If you look closely at this side of the cap. The left side is bad and the right side is what it is supposed to look like.

All these were taken from an '05 STI that kept throwing the code no matter what parts we suspected and installed and was eventually subject to a teardown. These occurances are becoming more frequent and we're finding these on vehicles that have had their regular oil changes neglected. Typically 2000 to 5000 overdue for an oil change. So far, only on Legacy GT's and STI's (turbo). These cars are also 1-2 quarts low on oil. I imagine the AVCS is not receiving an adequate amount oil as well as the camshafts.

The other main factor, ABUSE. Keep telling yourself that your turbo mill is a race engine but it's not. It's a production engine with production tolerances.

The typical repair invloves replacing both cylinder heads, 4 camshafts, and sometimes the cam gears and even the block. If it has been determined it's due to neglect (and most of the time it is), this will not be covered under warranty. The labor is somewhere close to 20 hours.

Hope this sheds some light on your dilemma and helps clear up some of the misconceptions I'm finding here on the forums about these particular codes. Hope to see you soon! (For your oil changes of course)
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