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Originally Posted by p2adan View Post
I dont drive mine like a baby all the time, but at 500 miles on the odometer I'm getting between 21-22mpg on my second tank of gas. Running premium (oct 92) on second tank seems to be getting a good boost in 1st and 2nd gear when I hit that 3600+ rpm range, but I'm guessing the premium is lowering the overall MPG.

Trying not to go above 4k rpm while under 1000 miles, but it is just too fun not to sometimes

Seems like the gas mileage is getting better as I break the car in. Was only getting 15mpg for the first few days I drove it, now it wont go below 21 on average between my city and highway driving. I did test it the other night on the way home from work with moderate traffic on the freeway, I reset the trip just as I was getting on the onramp. Being as light on the gas as I could and keeping it in 5th gear most of the time I inched it up to 32.5mpg before I had to get off the freeway and go back to city driving.

I am really hoping my average between city/highway gets up to the 25-30mpg range for the life of the car, but time will tell as I break it in.
At 13k miles I'm getting a solid 27mpg of mostly highway (pure highway trips are 30mpg on average). It will come up.

Also, your car does A LOT of idling or the dealer miles are super break in. My MPG was low at first, but after about 1000 miles I reset all the meters and instantly got at least a 3mpg bump. I think if you reset it you will get a much more true reflection of your real and current efficiency.
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