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NO id didn't get a ticket. he let me go and told me to SLOW down

Basically I was sooo tired that I was falling asleep ( working for ~ 27 hrs (car stuff and regular job)) )at the wheel. I decided to wake myself up by drinking a liter of water I had. So, instead of being I gotta take a MASSIVE piss. Not 1 dam exit witha gas station/rest-stop for 20 miles

so I am speeding home...alomst ...there...must ...hold ...on

Perhaps it was the lack of sleep or pure frustration but I got the idea to pee in the bottle. I unzipped my pants grabbed the bottle and then smokey flashed his reds.

Now, there I sit, pants unzipped, bloodshot eyes, grease and dirt in my hair, and just looking like hell. Smokey looks at me up and down and says," do you have anything, a license, paperwork...anything!?". Then I say, "i know I was speeding, but you are not really going to believe THIS." I told him my situation (up all night working on this car, asleep at the wheel, and now i am ready to pee in this bottle...)
HE looked at me, snickered/laughed at just told me to slow down...SLOW down.
Then he left...still chuckling.

If I only had a picture of what I looked like when he saw me. I must admit it was probably pretty funny.
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