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Default major help needed 2 problems with car..!! please all look..

so twice so far this has happened--(part one)

messed with DCCD (i have played with it five or six times total).. and then this happens--- once the check engine light came on and stayed on while the cruise light was flashing (i was tearing ass honestly and i may have bumped the cruise in accident...not sure...

time two- last night i dropped it into rear only and pulled in the driveway (hard fast angle).. so today i was pulling out, pulled back in, then back out (idiot driver was going like 50 down my road)..once i was on the road, the cruise was flashing and check engine light was on...

PART2 resetting the computer afterwards(pulling negative for at least 15 min) keep in mind this has been done after the forementioned occurs.
the cars idle (when clutch engaged fully or popped neutral) and rpms go below 500, the car shuts off... i have to restart the car WHILE DRIVING and keep an eye on the revs, i can keep it on buy hitting the gas when it falls below 500 rpms (like the car doestn know to rev or something)

the first time, it kept doing it and stopped after about 25 min of driving..
tonight it did it again(after batter was disconnected for about 4 hours) the whole way home even on my street... but i "tested it" in the drive way and it didnt stall...

WTF am i doing to my car thats causing the cruse to flash and the check engine to come on?

is my computer ressetting itself and takes 15 min of being on to understand not to stall? my brother says its normal, but not common?>lol..

these two instances were 2 weeks apart so by now, if i broke something, it should be obvious right?
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