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Originally Posted by nobletea View Post
not quite sure i understand you completely, but of course your MPG average is going to fluctuate, as it is calculated on the fly while you drive. the smaller the number of miles that you are calculating with, the more it is going to vary. if you reset your trip meter you will see it change drastically at first and slowly settle down as the miles accumulate and you get a solid mathematical average.

my A meter has only been reset once since i took delivery, and it is virtually locked at 27MPG for several thousand miles. my B meter I reset all the time for various reasons and you can watch the MPG change quite rapidly.

According to the owner's manual, it calculates every-- get this-- every 1 mile.

Interestingly, I have noticed that my MPG average only moves in increments of .3 (26.4, 26.7, 27.0, 27.3, etc)

Anyway, hope that answers your question.

THANK YOU. you did answer my question. for a while i thought my meter was possessed! LOL

Mine also moves in increments of 0.3. I haven't read the entire manual, so I didn't know that it calculates every mile. If that is the case, then it makes sense that the meter rises and falls (fluctuates) as often as it does. Thanks so much!!

Really excited to be a part of what seems to be a very friendly and helpful forum! THANKS AGAIN!
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