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You just had to bring up that VR6 garbage thread again huh? You KNOW what's gonna happen...

How the hell can I cram this god damn thing in you peoples (VW) head... stock for stock, the VR6 loses on all counts, I've TESTED it and I KNOW the facts.

Hell, a lot of peeps can kick my a$$ in POS Civics, but I don't care 'cause I haven't modified to their level, a 323 GTX can kick my a$$ but again I haven't modded to his level. Stock for stock, the VR6, the Civic and the GTX lose on all counts THAT was the idea. Hell, I've seen MANY VR6s runs OVER 16s but I don't give a rats a$$.

Just because you drive a specific car and might love it don't bash other cars cause you think it's better is pointless and makes you look narrow minded...
:monkey: whatever, I don't think it. I don't even LOVE my car, I like it, I LOVE an M3, any AMG series but I certainly don't LOVE my car... it just looks too ugly; it's like a woman with a REALLY nice attitude (engine) with a sleek body (chassis), decent ass (backend) but that you don't really like he big a$$ bug-eyed face :P

So... instead of trying to prove a point that we've all been through, leave it be and go to your precious Vortex... 'cause it LITERALLY "sucks"
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