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Wow guys you are Pretty inteligent and oh so proved my point of the thread that you guys are SO SO narrowminded.

First off WRXGuy and DubbleRX care to race ... and i'll own your asses so easily...not even funny...then you can tell everyone how slow and crappy my vr6 is.

But if you really want to get this into a vw/vr6 vs wrx debate i'll just have to enlighten some of the non-knowledgable other then the wrx ..

Ok first off.. the time stock vs stock your comparing is the new heavier/slower vr6. corrados/and mk3 vr6 trap 92-94 mph stock.. still slower then wrx for sure.. and like i said stock for stock i sure hope a 227hp turbo wrx can beat a 172 hp n/a vr6.. never even a debate..

You say mod for mod, you cannot compare cheap mods on a turbo car to a n/a car, cause with any turbo car, all you have to do is raise the boost, run race gas to prevent detonation and 3in exhaust and your lookin at major gains no one is denying that.
However why don't you compare a pare of stock turbo cars ,
the vw 1.8t vs wrx, dollar for dollar cheap mods same is gonna go for both manual boost controller or chip/3in dp/3in exhaust some race gas.
A 1.8t with that setup even with out crappy fwd runs 13.5-13.8 @ 100-103 mph very comparible to the wrx.. and the traps are slightly faster the most i've seen.

WRX Stock vs VR6 Mods...
Hmm... my vr6 with cams/chip/exhaust/intake on street tires went 13.96 @ 99.5 and ran 14.0 @ 99.5 all day long.I dynoed 180whp/168lbstq, So um yea...VR6s no TQ ?? That walks stock wrx in my book... and yes there are plenty others besides me who can say the same..
But like i said before Hell yea, there are some slow ass vr6's, just as there are slower wrx... sometimes it driver... and sometimes it's just the engine not every motor is as strong as the next.

Now you say big time mods vs big time mods
My car has $6000 worth of engine my car..Now i know for a fact Al has more then $6000 into his wrx. And i will be running the same times as him.. with alot more mph ..No i don't have e/ts from my car but since i have the same setup as 3 of my friends i don't see any difference..

Car 1. goes 11.4 @ 125 on stock bottom end with a copper headgasket @ 18psi, At 15psi on 93 octane he dynoed 354whp/367tq.
Car 2. went 11.74 @ 118 @ 14psi
Car 3. went 11.69 @ 129, no traction 2.0 60ft, 15psi +75shot.
Now we just got done building 3 cars, my car plus 2 others. who all have the same setups and each will be in the low low 12's to mid 11's range. and All 6 cars were/are street cars, as #2 has been returned to stock and sold and all but 2 are our daily drivers.

So um yea the vr6 wins in that book.

But basically you guys are trying to make it seem as if i am trying to prove the vr6 as a better car.. which just goes to show your insecurity about your cars... I love wrx as they handle great,can be made quick cheep. and are cheap costing.

And TurboTa, the reason why WRX run a good 0-60 is AWD... VR6's have plenty oh torque...

If you have any doubts about the above stated info, please refer to for videos. OR ask your own fellow I-Club member Onesillyracer2k.. or even Ask Al, as he should know about the above mention cars cause he's been there many a days that we have been racing.

But yea If any of you WRX that race at E-Town who think your quick and wanna lineup drop me a line and i'll have no problems

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