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Originally Posted by Unabomber View Post
1. Welcome to the internet, enjoy yourself and don't be serious.
2. Your question has zippo to do with 2.0l TECHNICAL as this question should be in general.
3. I'm allowing it to stay here as the 2.0l is a little slow this past day.
4.'s the internet...if you want Christian replies, you may freely post in the Newbies forum where Christian replies are mandatory. In the 2.0l forum, hating to a degree is allowed, my reply was decidedly mild.
Then you are decidedly an internet moderator. What was I thinking. No one would mistake my nasioc post count for my phone number so obviously I suck at life. Thank you SOOOO much for ALLOWING a question posted by me, a mere mortal, to remain in your holy presence. I guess I should stick to the newbie section where I will be buffered from all those elite people out there that know so much about everything that they think they have an excuse to be rude and make "Un-Christian" replies.

Ahhh yes, the internet. Welcome to life's great little equalizer. Where everyone makes six figure salaries, has chiseled abs, dates supermodels, drives exotic cars, and is an undeniable expert on all matters of life. A place where no one gets picked last in gym class. A place where the biggest losers in life are all self proclaimed rockstars. I spend a good amount of time on several other (mainly miata) forums for work and subaru guys are way more fun. Just don't tell anyone I said so or I might lose my job. I love it that people feel so proud and think they are so freakin rad because they have nothing better to do than sit on their computers all day and further demonstrate the depths of their vast knowledge and understanding to us other lesser beings.

Kidding aside, I apologize for putting this in the wrong section. I was mainly curious about how the 2.0l drivetrain wrx handles towing about 1000 lbs so I figured this would be an appropriate place. I imagine an N/A suby or STI respond quite differently to towing. The general section seems to get too general sometimes and I imagined it would turn into a "well my ford truck can tow more than your chevy truck and your sti combined" "no way yo, my sti has a stage 6.379er protune from Ricky Bobby motorsports and a ssautochrome carbon fiber intercooler and a K&N decal and a custom ported blow off valve and those little bullet hole stickers so it could even tow your mom AND your girlfriend up a hill in the snow" type of thread. Please feel free to move it or whatever if that is in fact the correct location.

Thanks again for the help unabomber......and of course all you regular guys too. Haha. Please get started on the "unabomber, what your wrx/sti can and cant tow manifesto." If that was available, then I wouldn't have had to ask all this to start with. From what you guys have said, It sounds like I will be all set to do what I need as far as towing my little car goes and I now know what to keep an eye on while driving and maintaining the vehicle. I love the utility and versatility the wrx (especially the wagon) offers. Take care guys.

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