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I can tell you guys right now that there is no way in hell I am putting down 301 hp anymore. Maybe on the dyno but not on the road. The car is having timing probs with the boost turned up. I am ordering a delta dash this week so I can datalog everything and see what its is doing. I did some testing against my friend's wrx who has a similar setup except for BPM exhaust, MRT TMIC, and he is using the unichip and our cars were pretty much dead even til 3rd gear and he would walk me. My car is pulling timing like crazy there and it feels like a parachute is attached to my car.

Another issue I am having is that after I do a WOT run the car just dies and stalls while cruising back down to a stop. Something is wrong.

I wish the Apex ITC worked on our cars or something else rather than the unichip or a standalone to play with the ignition timing. I also finally got a CEL yesterday so I am going to get the code pulled today and not boost til I figure out what is wrong. I still think I am running pig rich and my EGT's are 800-820c at WOT and 700c max when cruising.

I am also working on getting the dyno sheets up as soon as I get access to a scanner.
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