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Hydra Nemesis ECU

Stand-alone systems have been around for many years but the difficulty in finding good tuners, lack of tech support, poor base maps, difficult installations, and expensive price tags have kept them out of reach of the average consumer. Hydra has developed a superior engine management system exclusively for your car. Systems that piggy-back the factory ecu for engine control can become tiresome tuning. Hesitation is a common theme caused by rough transitions as the two switch control from the factory ecu map to the piggy-back map. With modern day “dynamic” engine management systems that widely vary ignition timing and fuel tables, piggy-back systems can often be difficult to tune as it is nearly impossible to stabilize the ecu over a wide range of conditions. Knock under throttle lift and transitions from the factory ecu map into the aftermarket ecu map can be difficult to tune out without severely limiting performance under all conditions.
-Capable of drive by wire control
-Launch control
-No lift shifting
-Capable of controlling AVCS
-Blow through MAF capability
-Capable of controlling 6 cylinder motors (EZ30R)
-Integrated 3 bar MAP sensor
-Wideband closed loop fueling (wideband optional)
-Secondary map triggering using primary map offsets

02-05 WRX
$1750 Free 02 Wideband
04-07 STi
$1950 Free 02 Wideband


The AEM EMS is a full stand-alone engine management computer that replaces your restrictive factory ECU. The AEM EMS is fully programmable, direct plug & play, and fully capable of controlling all engine management functions. Fuel, ignition, boost, knock control, maps are all user accessible. Other features include soft fuel / rev limits, user definable inputs including wideband inputs, (requires wideband controller), 2 step control, etc. is all available. With it’s 32 bit processor, you can be assured this engine management computer is the state of the art technology for your Subaru. The AEM EMS is fully user-programmable, and can be controlled with your Windows ™ laptop.
The bottom line is that for big power the AEM EMS is an absolute must! The primary reason? MAF elimination and full fuel / ignition control. The factory MAF is maxed out at about 300-320whp, and to push anywhere beyond this level with the stock MAF causes an unstable and sometimes dangerous tune. (such as with larger than stock turbos).
We highly recommend the AEM EMS for any owner looking to have the capability for eliminating MAF and running pump gas / race gas maps on 320+ whp cars.
Please contact us if professional installation and dyno tuning is required. Installation Starts at $250.
Features : Plug and Play Technology! No Wiring Necessary Uses all the Factory sensors Fuel Table Automapping Base Maps Included Programmable Traction Control Onboard 512kb Datalogger 10cyl sequential fuel injection capability Much Much more!

Pm For Best Price

Greddy V-Manage

The V-Manage, Variable Valve Timing Controller was designed by GReddy engineers to take advantage of some of the modern technology OE Manufactures* are now commonly incorporating into their latest engines. Based on the intuitive controls, datalogging and Maps of the e-manage Ultimate software, a tuner with a laptop computer, can now alter the factory’s ECU control of valve-timing at any RPM and load to optimize power output and fuel economy. However by purchasing GReddy's application specific V-manage Kits, you can simply "plug & play." V-manage Kits, include the V-manage, CD software, Plug-in Harness with adapter, and Pre-programmed MAP to optimise cam timing for increase horsepower, toque, and boost response.
$475 Shipped

AIM Sports XML Gauge Cluster

-1 AMP + 2 binder connectors
-Lap Times & Split Lap Times
-RPM - numerical and graphical display tach
-Max RPM stored for later recall
-Total Run Time
-Gear Position
-Total and partial odometer
-8 analog sensor inputs for temperature, pressure, lambda sond, potentiometers, etc.
-1 wheel speed input.
-128 kb of non-volatile memory.
-Brilliant blue display with backlight.
-6 fully configurable alarm LEDs.
-10 fully configurable shift LEDs.
-Requires 8-15V power from vehicle. Auto Power OFF feature.
-Weight: 21.2 oz (600 grams)
-Size: 6.9"x4.3"x1"

$1099 Shipped
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