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Default JSC Speed

So after originally posting and deleting my thread (requested by Rich @ JSC Speed) on this problem, here I am resurfacing the situation.

My background: I have been installing parts, modding cars, building engines for 25 years. I have installed TEIN Flex's and Mono Flex's and EDF's in the past. I have installed well over 100 sets of struts, strut cartridges, springs and coilovers and have never, ever had a single problem.

Almost 2 weeks ago a local member brought me BNIB TEIN MONO FLEX's and EDFC's purchased from JSC Speed.

First problem: EDFC motors would not fit the bottom of the MonoFlex's. I called JSC Speed and was referred and give TEIN's number. Called TEIN and they asked me to take a side picture of the motors but by the PN the motors should fit.

I took a couple side pics of the brand new motors so they "could verrify" that the correct motors were shipped. I immedietly got an email from TEIN stating " that the motors looked damaged". Now I was pissed. How could a side pic of BNIB motors look damaged.

I was asked to return the motors to TEIN so I said "I would".

Second Problem: My friend decided to install the dampers without the motors until TEIN can figure out the deal.

I installed all dampers and everything went smooth as usual. While taking the car on the test drive the passenger rear damper was clunking very bad. The kind of clunking that made it sound like the damper would take the rear window out at anytime.

I called JSC Speed and again was told to contact TEIN since they could serve us better.

TEIN asked me to return the damper that was suspect. Upon removing from the car I noted there was no charge in the damper. I could recoil it by hand to the bump stop. I made a video of the damper and the 4 EDFC motors and sent the motors and damper to TEIN as requested.

TEIN received the box last Monday and called me and told me "an engineer would take the damper apart and inspect for damages and TEIN would call me back." I get a call only after emailing TEIN and asking them for an update. I was told that the engineer could only guestimate $150-275 to repair the damaged damper. I told TEIN that I would need a good estimate so I could let JSC Speed know and I was told that theengineer would take it apart and get me a more accurate estimate.

I get a call yesterday after asking TEIN for another update since I was told I could get the damper back by last weekend and still didnt have it. TEIN told me that the engineer still hadnt taken the damper apart and the estimat was now $175. I let them know I was not happy and that I would post up here that "I would not recommend TEIN products anymore". Until now I have always been a huge TEIN supporter.

TEIN is blaming the damage to the strut on me. TEIN also told JSC Speed that something was broken off and that had to be caused by installing. Completely different from what they told me.

I told TEIN to repair the strut yesterday. It's not the $175 that bothers me, it is their total customer service and or lack of. It sucks at best.

JSC Speed should have been the ones to deal with TEIN and not the user/ installer. JSC Speed broke their own policy by asking us to deal with TEIN.

TEIN also said that their warranty disclaimer states that only an "Authorized TEIN Distributor" can install TEIN parts and keep the TEIN Warranty. However no where in the owner manual/ install instructions does it say that. Also on TEINS website the "Warrant Page" says " This page is under construction". I made a copy of the page just in case they try to recant the claim.

IMPO/ IMO/ IMHO if you are doing business with JSC Speed and or TEIN be very careful.

One more comment: I just got off the phone with Rich @ JSC Speed and he asked me for proof of how the items looked prior to the install, just out of the box. If you do buy anything from/ through JSC Speed ensure you take pics of every aspect of the item(s) to CYA. I told Rich why would anybody take a pic of an item that is brand new with no signs of shipping damage and I got just a long sound of silence. (no answer)

There was no way you could tell "out of the box" that the damper didnt have a charge. How often do you try to compress a brand new damper? Never in my time, however I will start if dealing with TEIN. I even made a video of everything and took detailed pics prior to shipping the items off.

I have dealt with JSC Speed in the past without incident and hopefully this is not a start of things to come.

Be forwarned and learn from others mistakes.

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