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Default Solution for the green wire (ignition signal)

After a lot of research and Japanese translation I was able to figure out how to wire the Green Wire in correctly so that this device works, since the camshaft signal doesnt work and the crankshaft signal will give you a ****ty rev. All this is explained below.

Rev Limiter

What you will need....
-Some 18 gauge wire
-Butt connectors
-4 (four) 600V 1a Diodes
-Quick connect wire clamps
-ECU pinouts for specific model car, has these...

Starting from the Green wire, branch of 4 more wires. These wires will be connected to the Ignition Signal on your ECU (4 yellow wires all in a row on one of the plugs, please refer to ECU pinouts for your specific model).

On EACH on these 4 wires, you need to connect in a 600V 1a Diode in the direction TOWARDS the Bee*R device. One wire goes to Ignition signal # 1 on the ECU, and so on for the rest... It's pretty simple. Use your quick connect wire clamps to make this connection.

Close up The silver stripe shows the "Cathode" or direction of Diode, In this case, the direction is too the left

Basic Diagram:

Green Wire --->--->Wire 1 with Diode (<--- ) in that direction --->---> Igniton Signal #1 on ECU
--->--->Wire 2 with Diode (<--- ) in that direction --->---> Igniton Signal #2 on ECU
--->--->Wire 3 with Diode (<--- ) in that direction --->---> Igniton Signal #3 on ECU
--->--->Wire 4 with Diode (<--- ) in that direction --->---> Igniton Signal #4 on ECU

Launch Control:

Now you can use the White wire (REV 2) to set up Launch Control. Do this by extending the White wire enough distance to reach the Clutch pedal (5 feet is good, make sure you have some slack.

Now weave the wire behind your dash (stereo,ac,etc..) and connect it to the Clutch Signal (+). There are two wires the connect to the Clutch switch above the Clutch pedal, the one on the bottom is black (-) and the one on top is Green (+) I believe (pretty dark up there, hard to tell). Use one of your quick connect wire clamps and connect the white wire to the Green wire (top).

Now that everything is wired in, check and recheck your wiring, refer to the above posts on what to do with the other wires. Set REV 1/2 to Zero (0) on the Bee*R device, it won't let you rev above 2500 rpms and the red light on the device will flash.

Launch Control can be used by setting REV 2 to your desired launch rpm (example: 4500 rpms) and REV 1 can be set to your basic rev limiter.
NOTE: This will allow you to do Flat Foot Shifting also, since REV 2 is activated when you push in the Clutch. Enjoy!

Be careful when using this, it does shoot flames, and they are loud, very very loud if you increase your gain. Watch out for police and don't use this in residential neighborhoods. Have fun and be safe with this.

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