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Wht I don't get about the GReddy is why go through the time/expense of getting it with all the additional harnesses needed, and then tryiong to find a tuner who knows it well enought to mapo it for you, when you could do a LINK2 so much easier? or better yet a TECII if the budget allows?

Granted either the LINK2 or TEC are more money, but they are so much more ecu that teh E-Manage and the knowledge base is already there to tune them on these cars...why reinvent the wheel?

And at the end of the day, it is just a more adjsutable SAFC..the SAFC actually adjsuts the IPW of the injector as altering the MAF signal, it tells the computer it is richer or leaner than it actually is, casuing the ecu to respond with more or les fuel depending on if you are making + or - corrections with the SAFC. There are only 2 ways to control fuel...IPW (lengthen or shorten) and pressure). Pressure is the easy way...a nice RRAFPR., and every turbo RS should have this already. 2:1 if you are on stock injectors, 1:1 if upping the ante to 550's and the parrallel rails (we did ur own version of it on an RS and works GREAT)
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