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Default iON goes public in Sweden?

Hiya fellas!

I've just installed an iON Performance 4-1 in my euro spec EJ20 turbo (old shape), the said car is sporting a few other goodies:

Walbro pump
Scoobysport exhaust

And a ****eload of road holding stuff.

The first thing I noticed when the header came was the STUNNING quality - I felt it was a shame to hide it under the car even....installing it wasn't too difficult (changed engine and tranny mounts as well for group N specced ones).

Our cars doesn't have the uppipe cat, so it can be removed with the engine still in place.

Firing up the car put a BIG smile on my face - the noise...and the vibrations from the stiffer mounts - I was in heaven.

By that time it was already way late for some serious stick, so I made a couple of WOT runs just to check fuelling.

The sound my car makes around 6-7000 rpm is *amazing*..

Yesterday - just 3 days after installing the header, I went to a trackday - the "local" track (well almost local being a mere 100 miles away) where I am quite familiar with the lines.

I used the long straight for comparison, earlier I'd topped out around 190 kph before the braking point, this time I had around 210...

The difference on full chat is really something, the engine seems to run "happier" (lack of a better word to describe it).

I've had a few low volume noise issues on that track - 20 minutes on and off WOT seems to increase temps a tad.
This time around it was completely silent....

I notched 4 seconds off my personal best as well, with a few laps around the 1.21 mark (a dynoed 500 hp EVO did a 1.19 ) - 1 second off the pace of the fastest Impreza - a mate of mine, completely MAD bugger running soft rally tarmac spec slicks.

I've left the best bit for last - I had HUGE EFFIN flames all day long - sadly none caught on camera.

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