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Patients Grasshopper.

I'm going to post the mission and objectives here for open discussion. I'm also referencing them from the SSC thread.


The mission of is to further the awareness and appreciation of Subaru branded automobiles, to provide for the fellowship of its members, and to enhance their pride of ownership and driving enjoyment.

This mission statement, while being fairly brief and abstract, immediately implys the following objectives.



This covers activities such as BBQs, picnics, and general get togethers to just shoot the bull and make friends. Subaru related, but generally just a chance to get together with people of similar interests and inclinations. This is the real reason clubs exist in general, but it cannot be the only goal or there is no real need for a club.

Subaru Awareness & Appreciation

We're all Subaru enthusiasts and we'd all like to see the brand get the respect it deserves, especially in Arizona. So, this category of goals and activities includes things like dealer events, cooperative ventures with associated aftermarket companies, making a showing at car shows and media events, and providing information about Subarus and modifications to owners (member and non-member), and ride & drive/demo/or test drive days hosted by dealers, SOA, or just members.

Pride of Ownership

This category covers maintenance and modification, activities to further the aftermarket and crosses over into car shows or activities to improve the performance, appearance, and reliability of our Subaru automobiles. Events in support of this would include industry hosted gatherings (SOA, dealer, and aftermarket), open shop days for members to do work on their cars, all most all of what covers, and even just gatherings to work on a member's car.

Driving Enjoyment

This category covers most the sport driving that many of us do: autocross, rallycross, drag racing, track days, etc. It can also include fun-runs, camping outings and off-road park trips, TSD rallies, etc. It can include any activities or associations that make driving our cars safer and more enjoyable. Association with the SCCA, AAA, or discounts at local oil-change shops.

I would also like to hear concerns (agreements and disagreements) from those who've been very quiet. If there's something you'd like to see (or not see), now's the best time to get it out into the open. Alternately, PM me and I'll bring it up without revealing who had the concern.

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