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ok... since I opened this part of the can, I'll expound on my ideas of a motoring club, specifically hitting on the meetings part...

I would propose different kinds of meetings.

Monthly meeting: This would be at a set day (EX: third Friday) at a set time (EX: 1900hrs) at certain spots around the valley (EX: next 3 meetings at X bar and grill in Tempe, 3 meetings after that are at Y bar and grill in N. Scottsdale). These monthly meeting should be a BS session, better described by Red above.

Get togethers: Such as the recent BBQ, trade shows, non participating events. These are more of the BS kinda thing, just in a different setting.

Important showings: This would be dealer meetings. Large GTG's with other clubs. Anything where a show of numbers is important to furthering the club. Club carwashes for a local charity, club community service days, etc... (this type of meeting would be STRONGLY suggested for attendance)

Other events: competing race events (autocross, drags, rallycross), club awareness days, whatever else....

Make the club a dues based club, and not make meetings mandatory. If you don't show up, don't bitch about the way the club is. If you'll pay the dues, you'll probably want to be involved. I do like the idea of 1 or 2 mandatory voting meetings though.

ANY meeting has the potential to have impact on future events. Just because the monthly meeting is a BS session does not mean that club business won't be discussed, and changes made. The mandatory voting meetings are for club leadership votes only, the steering of the club is done by the leaders, with input potential at every known APPROVED, SCHEDULED meeting. I also see a possibility of a weighted voting scale for small club issues. The more meeting you attend the more votes you have to cast. Everything goes to zero Jan 1.

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