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Again, all of my thoughts stem from indepth research of some of the larger (and smaller) yurrupean clubs. They all get their tires from one shop, oil changed at one shop, go fast parts from one shop (if possible), ETC. They have SERIOUS clout (read discounts), but they have a ton of members, and are not limited to certain makes (most clubs anyway). They do charity events, so much so that clubs have a mini rivalry going as to who can raise the most money for X charity. When they do charity things they ALL have their club shirts on, and 90% of the membership attend. They do social work with the youth of the area. They host driving clinics, co-driving clinics, crewing clinics, team owner clinics, sponsor clinics, etc... They get air time and press because of the things they do to give back, making their clubs stronger. They have weekly meetings at a few different pubs, and shoot the s-h-i-t-e. They have larger meetings every other month or so to go over real club biz. They pay a dues, have a membership card, shirts, hats, mailed newsletters (on real dead trees) etc. They vote on leadership, and not much else. They don't have mandatory meetings, but have SOOO many meetings that missing one due to scheduling is not possible. They have the 3 tiers of involvement mentioned, and don't really care that alot of their members only go to the Christmas mixer. They HAVE a christmas mixer, and some clubs are so big they can overun small towns. The members REGULARLY go to each others houses for dinner or tea. They all know the close by members and give a cheerfull hello when passing by. In short, they are their own small community of brothers and sisters. When one of them is in a bad way, they ALL rally round and pitch in whatever it takes to solve the situation. They have emergency funds for club members for such cases. It is a real family. Yurrupeans are WAY more fanatical about motorsports, and motorclubs than Mericans...

but it doesn't have to be that way....

I'll shut up now and see what others have to say....


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