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Wow, who knew that this would be such a hot topic. I'll try to address everyone's concerns here, but I am warning you that you may not like what I have to say...

Bud: I am not sure if you are actually helping the cause here. You raise lots of questions, but so far you haven't shown an understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. I'll say this now, and I'll say it a bunch more times in this post. If you want a club that doesn't organize people better, then stay a member of the AZ I-Club. I-Club doesn't ask anything of you, nor do they ask you to attend anything.

But, moving on to your more valid concerns...

1st off, I don't see us doing more than posting the mission statement. To furthur quantify the club with the objectives section is to define ourselves in too great of detail.

2. Mandatory monthly meetings/events. Perhaps you read too much from the rules, but AZScooby is trying to ensure that if you join the club, then you attend 25% of all events/meetings, which happen on a monthly basis. If you CANNOT make more than 3 meetings/events a year, then this club isn't for you.

Conclusion - I think you are over analyzing the situation here. Although you do seem to be stuck on attendance. The I-Club is here for everyone to get together, but the AZScooby club is meant to be 10 times what I-Club is to the community. I have been in show clubs for over 12 years, and their rules make AZScooby rules look weak. Well, feel free to PM me if you have more questions, but lets keep in mind that this new club will follow Kastle's and Aaron's vision, and that can't happen without some pretty decent organization.

Bill B. All I have to say is that you have contributed more to this discussion than any other single person. We are trying to create a club that has more comradre and *family* than what the I-Club can offer. We won't be a full blown European style club, but we would like to see our members be enthusiastic about belonging to this organization.

More about rules being heavy handed. AZScooby MUST protect itself, and the best way to do this is to set some pretty firm rules. We want to get the quality of individual that will take pride in belonging to The rules outline what kind of behavior we would expect. We want people to stay until the end of events because another member is racing. We want people to caravan in an orderly fashion. We want you to know that if you bring a friend, you will be responsible for their actions. If it isn't stated in the rules, then AZScooby has no recourse should an undesirable individual somehow make it into the club.

Firestarter - We cannot even consider the possibility of having members that do not agree to and sign the rules. Its pretty obvious the reasons why when you read my reply to Bill. How do we know you won't be a disruption, or start street racing on the way to an AZScooby event and kill someone? The rules are their to protect AZScooby from its members, and to set a certain amount of respect in each other. If you like the idea of becoming more involved in your community, then sign the rules. Nothing in the rules says we will put you in jail, or hold you in the club against your desire. If it isn't fun for you, then just leave. Hell, if you don't agree to the rules, then be happy in the fact that you belong to the I-Club, the largest Subaru club in the world.

AZScooby will go places and directions that these sign and join clubs won't take you. Heck, on that note, joining I-Club required you to agree to the rules, and you abide by them. AZScooby will be no different.

Stuart - I understand your dilema, and while I don't forsee you being able to join due to time restraints, your son Kevin has already met with various Arizona members more than the minimum number of required times. I can already tell you that AZScooby will be in Prescott at LEAST twice a year, once being the Prescott Forest Rally. Prescott people won't be left out of the picture, and I know Kastle feels the same way.

To Everyone - I know right now that the rules, charter, and mission statement may seem disconcerting. Its ok, nobody is forcing you to join the club. The rules are their to protect you, the individual, and the club. An organization, while made up of several individuals, must be unified in the direction it follows.

Heck, we don't even care if all you want to do is come to our events and meetings. But if you want to be part of something bigger, with the ability to influence, and shape the community, with the ability to get in on the ground floor and help furthur the cause in the Arizona area, then we would welcome you to the club. AZScooby will require more of you than I-Club. We will require more of you than SCCA, or NASA, or some other sign, pay, and join organization.

In the end, people who join the AZScooby club will be contributing more to the Subaru community at large. They will be building a friendship, and a family that they can be proud of for many years to come.

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