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Originally Posted by methaddict View Post
Be very aware of how you route the fuel lines as you don't want any of them kinking or pinched. I had done the 3" hard inlet pipe install with 8mm phenolic spacers and had to reroute the fuel lines. Things will move around especially when the engine torque movement on the engine mounts, even with the pitch stop. I believe that one of the lines got pinched and caused a 20% reduction in fuel output to one of the rails which eventually caused detonation to spin a rod bearing. I purchased the APS fuel rail kit with the stiffer stainless lines now so it already comes in the parallel configuration.

The lines are in-between the block and the intake manifold. Both of which move together as a unit. There shouldn't be any pinching or rubbing going on once the manifold is on.

I left some slack in my lines,..and they run towards the rear where there is more space. Right under the manifold is impossibly tight. Under the throttle body and intercooler,..there's lots of space.

Just be carefull when reinstalling the intake manifold that the lines aren;t getting pinched.

And there's no reason the intake and TGV's have to go on together. In stock form they do because the fuel crossover lines bolt to the bottom of the intake and because the lines poke out through the drivers side of the intake,...and it takes some doing to get them in our out. But once you eliminate those metal lines,..the manifold can go on seperately. This is SUPER nice for doing a metal 3" turbo inlet. You can get everything sorted,..then just drop the intake on top.
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