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For those of you wondering what us autocrossers (and espc Subie autoxers) do with bad weather like it MIGHT be on Sunday, here's the answer from the Big Kahuna. For those of you on the RMSOLO list, sorry for the cross post, but I realize many on this thread may not be- so to those of you not on it: Sign up now!!

This Sunday is our first "Summer" event. I used the quotes because it looks
like the weather will be somewhat less than summer-like.

I'm sure many of you wonder what we do if the weather is really rotten. The
answer is that as long as we can get to the lot and the lot is usable, we run.
wondering what to do, I'll have already left the house and you wake my wife
and I'll hear about it for the next week! <g>

However, if the streets are treacherous, for Pete's sake stay home. No event
is worth risking life, limb, and car. The last event of 2000 was in the snow
and while it was a bit on the cool side, the wet lot made for some really fun
driving--and some very interesting results.

So plan on the event happening and we will see what Sunday brings. Barring a
true blizzard, I'll be there. If you show up and we end up having to cancel
the event, there will, of course be no charge and any registration fees will
be either refunded or rolled over to another event.

Here is the standard announcement:

To ensure we get started on time, everyone should try to be there by 7:30 or
so to give yourself time to walk the course - but we will accept you as late
as 8:30.

Gate opens: 6:30
closes 8:30 - At 8:31 you are late and registration is closed.
Tech closes 8:45
Rookie walk TBD, but Rookies (soon to be Novices) should be EARLY
Driver's Meeting 9:00
Launch first car 9:30
Entry Fee $35, $30 for SCCA members (membership will be verified)

I have two cases of rule books. Cost is $18 ($15 for SCCA members). If you
plan on attending future events, you should have a rulebook. If you plan on
modifying your car, you REALLY need a rulebook. It's unfortunate when someone
does something seemingly simple only to find themselves running against *much*
stiffer competition.

As usual, you need a Snell 90 (or later) helmet. Loaners will be available but
we don't have an unlimited supply, so if you have a brain bucket--bring it.
Note that this year the minimum standard is Snell 90, not 85.

Food is not available at the site, although there is a fast food outlet/gas
station on Park Avenue just west of the Park Avenue gate.

Remember, no event is worth having an accident. If the roads are lousy, stay
home and drive another day.

Dress for cold and windy and hope for sunny and calm.

See ya'll on Sunday.

Cliff Lawson
Your Solo Chair
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