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Conversion From 2006 STI to 1999/2000 RS Pinout

Description - STI pin location - RS pin location

VSS B135/26 - B135/24
Starter Switch B137/8 - B135/28
A/C Switch B137/17 - B134/17
Ignition Switch B137/14 - B135/7
Neutral Position B137/9 - B135/26
Test mode connector B137/15 - B135/14
Back-up Power B135/19 - B136/9
Control Power B135/5 - B136/1
Control Power B135/6 - B136/2
Sensor Power Supply B136/16 – B136/15
Evaporation Thermo Switch B137/17 - B135/27
A/C relay B135/33 - B134/17
Fan1 Relay B135/25 - B134/3
Fan2 Relay B135/24 - B134/12 *Changed from actually wiring diagram one says pin2*
CEL light B134/17 - B134/11
Tach B134/23 - B134/11
fuel tank pressure sensor B136/21 - B136/12
Fuel tank pressure solenoid B134/12 - B134/1
Drain valve B134/13 - B134/10
Fuel tank valve B134/24 - Not on the RS body
Fuel level sensor B136/20 - B136/27
Fuel temp sensor B136/12 - B136/26
Small light B137/12 - B136/3 (Doesn’t exist on 99 RS only on 2000+)
Blower fan switch B137/13 - B136/30 (Doesn’t exist on 99 RS only on 2000+)
Rear defogger Switch B137/11 - B135/21 (Doesn’t exist on 99 RS only on 2000+)
SSM/GST Communication line B137/20 - B135/3
Immobilizer B137/19 - Immobilizer/Pin10
Immobilizer B137/27 - Immobilizer/Pin23
*Not complete still need powers and grounds and randoms*

Addition Wiring on the 1999/2000?/2001? RS harness:

OBDII Connector Pin4 B135/11 (G/W) - Not Used for the STI
OBDII Connector Pin5 B135/12 (Lg/R) - Not Used for the STI
OBDII Connector Pin8 B135/21 (W/R) - Not Used for the STI
Line End Check 1 B135/20 (R/W) - Not Used for the STI
Fuel Pump Relay Control B134/16 – B137/14
^^^****The Opposite side of the fuel pump relay now needs to be ground instead of power. This can be tapped off of the main relay****
Self Shutoff Control B135/19 – B137/14
W/G RS >>>Water temp>>> W/G STI to dash gauge
G/W or G/B RS>>>>Oil pressure >>>G/W STI to dash light.

Addition Wiring on the 2006 STI harness:

Throttle Control relay needs switched 12volt power
Injectors/Ignition needs switched 12volt Power

2006 STI Fuel Pump Controller

R122/1 (B) - To the ground leading to the fuel pump (B)
R122/2 (V/W) - Wired directly to the ECU
R122/3 (B/Y) - Wired to the 12Volt power leading to the fuel pump (B/R)
R122/4 (B/W) - Wired to negative side of fuel pump (B)
R122/5 (Lg/R) - Wired directly to the ECU
R122/6 (B/Or) - To positive side of fuel pump (B/R)

2006 STI Cruise Control:

B134/16 - Set light on dash - B161/6 (B)
B134/15 - Cruise light on dash - B161/4 (V)
B134/1 - Clutch switch - B94/9(L/Or)
B136/11 - Set/coast - B94/6 (Lg/B)
B136/9 - Brake switch1 12v switch - B94/8 (R/Y)
B136/8 - Brake switch2 12v switch - B94/19 (W/B)
B136/10 - Resume/accel - B94/7 (R/W)
B136/7 - Cruise button on - B94/4 (Br/W)

**RS Connectors at stock cruise module**
B94/5 (Y/G) spliced to B94/3 (G/B)
B161/2 need to be T’ed to B161/1
B107/1 needs to be T’ed to B94/8

Immobilizer Pinouts:

Pin 1: Antenna
Pin 2: Fused 12v power (Power into Main Relay)
Pin 3: Fused 12v power (Power into Main Relay)
Pin 5: Security Light on dash ???
Pin 8: Door light switch (Yellow wire from doors, color is the same on STI and 99RS)
Pin 9: Keyless entry wire but T'ed to impact sensor. This does not exist on the 99 RS. But I think you will be ok.
Pin 10: ECU wire (B137/19)
Pin 14: Antenna
Pin 15: Ground (B137/1)
Pin 23: ECU wire (B137/27)
Pin 24: Ignition fused 12v Power (B135/19)
Pin 25: Ground (B134/5)
Pin 26: Ignition Starter & Steering Lock assembly T’ed to (B137/14)
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