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They are limited to 1g but cool stuff.
Not really, the absolute G force is limited to one G, but the effective G force is any G you care to use. A 45 degree tilt will will have the same effect on the oil as a 1 G cornering load in the real world, a 63 degree tilt the same effect as a 2 G load in the real world. A 90 degree tilt would be equal to an infinite G load.

The force vector is trying to simulate a situation which has 1 vertical G at all times plus a lateral, G load (cornering, acceleration or braking). In the sim when they increase the tilt they simultaneously increase the lateral load and reduce the G load along the engines physical vertical axis so except for inertial loads like toping a hill at speed and going weightless they can come very close to duplicating the effective force vector the engine sees in the real world.

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