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well its been quite a productive weekend , sorted the gearshift out yesterday and today i fixed a problem that has been bugging me for weeks, and that was, with the engine in place with the half shafts square with uprights, i couldnt get No 5 plug out with out either 1/ pulling the engine out, or 2/ making the LHS diagonal removeable, what i wound up doing was moving the whole engine box assy foward 50mm and all problems fixed. its still tight but it dose come out freely. added bonus is it will transfer a little more weight foward, probly not alot but evey little bit helps.

it means i will have to fabricate new engine mounts , but was going to have to do that anyway as they differ slightly from the EJ mount pattern.
and as i have changed from a 4wd box to a 2wd box which has a smaller rear housing, [no extra diff] i had to re engineer the rear mount to one at the rear of the box, instead of the two , one on each side as for the 4wd box.

the only concern is i now have approx 4 deg of angle on my half shafts but from what i've heard that shouldn't pose to much of a problem.

any thoughts
Cheers John
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