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Default OT - Is there any hope in the universe for my dog and new cat to live in harmony?

I recently brought a rescued cat home from the local shelter, and while he is having absolutely no problem adapting, my 3 year old siberian husky refuses to "warm up" to him.

I did my research beforehand, and I was well aware of the possibility of there being a problem with bringing a cat into a household with a dog with a hereditary high prey drive; however, in doing all the research, I learned it IS possible for them to live together.

The problem is I'm seeing very little progress with the Husky. It's only been three days, but at the same time, it seems we're taking one step forward and two steps back every time we allow the two to interact. The Husky constantly whines and tries to get at the cat, while cat just lays there in our arms. The only time he has ever hissed or batted at the dog is when he gets too close or tries to nip at him. THAT is what I'm concerned with - no matter what, the dog CONSTANTLY tries to get at the cat. We have not been able to allow the cat and dog to roam freely in the same room, or the dog will constantly chase the cat. Their only in-person interaction is when we are holding the cat and are able to keep the Husky in check. All other times, they're separated by a door, and their food has been placed on opposite sides of the door with a towel under it that has been rubbed on the opposite animal. (I read you have to associate the animals' smell with something fun - like eating)

The best way I can describe the Husky's behavior is like we got her a treat, and she's whining because we refuse to give him to her.

We've made some progress in that we can sit on the couch with the cat on my lap and the dog laying beside me, but the dog constantly has an eye on the cat, and will sniff him, then the sniffing turns to nipping at him.

What now? A temporary shock collar for the Husky? Is she beyond hope because of her high prey drive? Professional training? I would absolutely hate to put this guy back on the chopping block at the local shelter, but I would hate even more for my dog to turn him into a chew toy.

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