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Talking I want a subaru Impreza, but i dont know what its called or what to look!

hey guys,
newbie here. As you can tell by my sig, i'm not exactly an import lover although my family and I have owned 2 already (one that we flipped). I hate the WRX and think it overrated. its quick because of AWD, not the 160hp its putting to th ground . thats just me though

My rents gave me a 93 impreza front wheel drive and all 110horses that came with it. its got a 135k miles and burning some oil. although i can, i don't feel like changing rings. valve seals ect...

I just want a Nice winter car for the winter, with AWD for when I go snowboarding. I hate SUV's. I already have one gas guzzler, don't need another.

I want an impreza with the 2.5 L for the winter so i can power through the snow.
Its not the one with the big doofy headlights, but it looks a bit better than my 93. I'm not going to mod it, well maybe a CD player and some snow tires, but thats bout it... MAYBE some suspension down the line... (this is all too familiar... i got a stock camaro and said that... soon its going to be an 11sec car pulling +.90 g's)

I have some general questions
what should I pay for this car with about 40-60k miles in good condition?
what should i look for? any problem areas?

any options that are good to have, especailly in snow

hows the 5Spd? good ? bad?

how are they in snow?

does the AWD have traction/stability controll?

easy to work on?

I wouldn't mind getting a bit of a fixer upper... I never worked on a DOHC car, but everything but the front 2 seats in my camaro have been out at one point... so i know what i'm doing. Any ideas on where to get one?

Are they worth more in the winter or summer (camaro is worth crap in the winter)

Where can I find some subarus for sale?
I'd like one with nothing but AWD and a CD player...

thanks guys
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