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I pulled down the control arm to initially get the mount on the rod end. At this point I haven't been able to clear the tranny crossmember, so I left it sitting against the tranny crossmember as gently as I could (put a rag between the two to prevent damage). Next, I threaded the old nut onto the control arm. I pulled the control arm downward and placed a socket + breaker bar + breaker bar extension onto the nut. This next picture is for reference as to what position it needs to be in. Use the car chassis as a fulcrum. Get out from under and move to the side of the car; pry the control arm downward as far as you can until you can get the ALK mount to clear the tranny crossmember and position it properly. Once everything is in place (both ALKs), begin threading in the new nut+washer and old bolts until they become snug, but do not torque at this point. Note: FLAT SIDE OF WASHER MUST FACE NUT. If you want, you can lightly lubricate the bolts with anti-seize.

Bring the car back down to ride height (full weight on wheels), like so. Bounce the car a few times and begin torquing the fasteners starting with the nuts first and then the bolts. Use a dead blow mallet and whack the ALKs a few times to make sure things are seated as well as possible, then recheck your torque. Your socket will most likely not fit on the nut with a torque wrench attached. So use a bear claw for best results. A crows foot might work, but I highly discourage using an open ended tool as it can round out the nut. Remember to keep any adapters/extensions at 90 degree angles relative to your torque wrench during the torque process or you'll deviate the leverage and thus ruin your torque value.

Bolts to 184 ft-lbs
Nuts to 140 ft-lbs

Lastly, clean up. Drive around a bit and make sure nothing feels wrong. Drive carefully as you accustom yourself to the new handling behavior. You will immediately notice the car accelerates better out of corners.

Make sure to drive not too aggressively. Re-torque the fasteners after about 50 miles of driving. This is a requirement! Your ALK will have set in and your fasteners will lose their hold. So RE-TORQUE!

Edit: Oh, and don't forget to check wheel alignment. :P
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