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Rear subframe has 4 big bushings that attach it to the chassis. Noticed we had gaps there too. Need to fill those to get rid of the "jigglies" from the rear end.

Pulled the plate and low and behold those spots are perfect for the big-thick bushings that come in the other kit. Problem is there's only 2 in a kit, and we need 4. Not a problem is that [email protected] has released a kit for the 2008 Impreza that had just those 4 bushings to do the exact same thing. Given the softer nature of the 08 Impreza these are only available in comfort.

The rear subframe bushings are flat on top and mate right to the chassis so nothing goes up there.

Pic of a forward bushing with the lower plate moved out of the way:

The 4 bushings:

The big-thick bushing in its home:

Bushing in its home and buttoned up:

Rear bushining is the same arrangement, but the lower plate has an additional bolt. Here you can see big-thick in it's home and the plate pulled down:

A closer shot:

As for a kit - I will talk to Tom about putting an SVX specific pack together that has 2 small-thick, 2 big-thin, and 4 big-thick.

Overall impression so far:
  • Rear end is more responsive and feels better planted.
  • Jigglies are reduced
  • No increase in NVH that I can hear or feel. Will know tomorrow as we take it to the plant in IN.
  • REALLY need to do lateral links (or bushings) and trailing arm bushings

Other things in the works as of this point:
  • We know the spring rates we would like to target for GT class street car, and for street car that sees some motorsport.
  • We have opened conversation with some folks on good housings for Konis (this seems to be the best way to go at this point, but we'll ask AST about inserts).
  • BBK - I'm not letting this one die. I know there's a solution out there. I just need to work with the right brake company engineer to get it. I'm not interested in it from a stopping distance standpoint as much as I am for a larger/better heatsink standpoint. Afterall, this is a heavy car.
  • Rear bar - not letting this die either. We have some options here.
  • Front bar - in my opinion there's a very good option in [email protected] We've been running his prototype rear bar on the 08 STi. It happens to have arms that attach with splines. We could mill the arm shape we need, spline the end of a thicker bar, heat treat it, get some bushings and go to town.
  • Roll center kit - I keep thinking about this. I think I can make something work with the Whiteline Evo kit (or something close) if I can make a new housing to hold the ball joint to the control arm. Outter tie rods may be a problem as they have a curve in them. The curve is there either for clearance of wheel/tire at full lock or to adjust ackermann. I need to check which.
  • Front camber plates - looks like the bolt pattern on the front camber plates is very similar as the rear camber plates on the 02-07 Impreza (just bigger). We have plates that that are close, but the slots run the wrong way (they would be caster plates). We can easily get new plates cut for this, and we'll do a backset of the slots to get more static caster out of them.
  • Front LCA bushings - Forward one I suspect Whiteline has something that will work with a new crush tube. We'll need to measure and check. Rear one - really not sure on that one. It'll take more work.
  • Motor mounts - have not looked at them closely yet. Need to pull one and measure. We may be able to work something out on those, but we'll have to see.
  • Seat rails - I'd like to sit lower in the car, but I need to pull a seat and see how they bolt up and take some measurements.
  • Steering wheel - I just got my newly recovered STi wheel from JPM. I opted for black, real suede with red baseball stitching. I need to pick up a spare wheel and see if they can recover it in a thin wrap of grey alcantara.
  • I have some power adder ideas, but those will have to wait.
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