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Here's Grant "scammer" Aaron latest bull***** for you all to enjoy...

He sends me his first reply after being in hiding since May.......

I stay at the same address you have ******! Your lucky your half a world away! I'm always around and these soft ass Salt Lake City homo's aren't about to do ****. They see me in the street's on the daily and come face to face with me, without so much as a word spoken, some of them even bring there **** to me to work on. Your going about your lil issue all wrong, so have fun with your lil internet bull ****, it will get you absolutely no where. Enjoy!

See how he call you a bunch of homos? He also mentions that I'm lucky I'm half a world away...

Now, next message, he kinda slows down on the macho **** rethoric...

Not sure what exactly it is you are trying for here, but there are much better ways of going about it! If there was actually a grain of truth to the **** being posted in the thread you brought back I would have had police all up in my ****!
As for the wing you bought, the reason you didn't get it was due to my car being impounded for racing, and me not being able to get it back for several weeks. The wing is ugly as ****, I can't stand it, so do yourself a favor and quit running your mouth while there is still a solution to the problem!
Now he gives a stupid **** reason... notice that for ****birds there's ALWAYS a ******g reason not to come through?

Onto the next messages he sends...

Now he wants to fix it... should have done this right from the get-go....

Those 3 were private messages; sorry, don't know how to "quote" them...

Next, the emails.... same *****... writes once, and gets lost again.

First email string...

Jorge: Just got in right this minute. Its 9:40p.m. where I live, so its not going to make it out tonight. I will get a lable for it printed up, as soon as I get a reply with the address you want it sent to. Not sure how long it will take for you to get it, but I will get you tracking info the minute it gets dropped off.


Today's the 7th of August. Where is my UPS tracking number for my wing? Kept my end of the deal, stayed off from NASIOC, IWSTI, CLUBWRX, etc...

Let's keep this as we wrote on the previous emails, and all then ends with the received wing.



From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: STi Wing
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 10:15:46 -0400

I understand where you are coming from, trust me I do. However the response I received from you after my car was impounded I kinda was like **** it. When I say the wing is ugly, that is just my opinion of how it looks. My car did not come with the STi wing, and I do not like how it looks. The wing is in great condition. Fresh paint as of a couple months ago, and all the lighting in it works great. So try keeping your mouth shut on NASIOC and I will see about getting this thing worked out. I am in San Diego at the moment, I will be here till the 7th, the car is parked at my home in Salt Lake, so there is nothing I can do till I get back. But assuming all goes well you can expect it shortly after I return to home! Also the money sent was just for the wing! It does not include the actual trunk lid. And just fyi there are 15 holes you will need to drill to mount the wing!


First, you know all I want. That's either the wing or my $387 back.

Second, if the wing is that ugly, why post an excellent looking wing in the ebay ad, as well as an excellent, like new item description? If indeed it's that bad, then send my $387.00 back.

Third, never claimed I was going to your house; that is a real stupid thing to say, by anyone, so I'll leave that at that. These kind of threats tend to turn ugly.

Fourth, I expect you to come through like you said in your last NASIOC private message; hell, you send me my money back, I'll post in NASIOC you came through, even though late, but came through with the deal, for whatever it's worth.

ANyway, this issue resolution is in your hands since day one. I paid you promptly promptly in march or april, as agreed, and I'm still waiting for you to come through. Again, all I want is either the wing or my $387.00 back.

Ironically, he admits to having my money AND specifying that it is exactly what I had paid for... What a dumbf*ck.


RE: STi Wing‏From:Jorge ([email protected])Sent:Thu 8/07/08 7:00 PMTo: Grant Aaron ([email protected])
.ExternalClass .EC_hmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.EC_hmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}Grant:

Today's the 7th of August. Where is my UPS tracking number for my wing? Kept my end of the deal, stayed off from NASIOC, IWSTI, CLUBWRX, etc...

Let's keep this as we wrote on the previous emails, and all then ends with the received wing.


From there on, it all again lost in hiding... not goint to bother you with the other ones I've sent.

Again, this guy IS A ******NG SCAMMER. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY. Who knows what the hell he'll do next at his shop. Like someone said, I'm all for second chances, especially that he has a new shop (notice that he does not have an address nor a telephone in his website? Shady stuff...), but he fu*ks it up agan.

I truly hope IC3 catches up to this guy...
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