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Why does the military refer to a forced run as a Fun Run? If it was so fun you wouldn't have to force them to do it.

Why is it OK to smack your dog when he's bad but you can't hit your kids for doing things that are worse?

Why is it smoking is more dangerous then drinking but I only need to be 18 to smoke and give myself cancer but I need to reach 21 before I can legally drink?

Why does the US still use daylight savings time. We've been saving all these hours for so many years yet have we actually seen any of these hours accounted for?

Why do we refer to the US measuring system like inches and feet as being standard when the majority of the earth uses metric?

Why is it even in metric societies when measuring rims they list them in standard US sizes?

Why is it called the Mile High Club if there is no use of drugs involved?

Why do we all vote for President on the same day if we have somebody else who casts the electorial votes for our state. Couldn't we vote at the same time since a mass voting isn't required?

Why is it large corporate execs are going to jail for over inflating profits and not keeping accurate records when our own government has done many of the same things?

Beans. Are they a fruit, veg, meat or really long running joke by some higher power?
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