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Originally Posted by jim747 View Post
Been working on cars for 20 years.this is my first subaru.Wondering if i have to swap transmission and electronics and wiring with these engine swaps? THANKS FOR ANYBODIES HELP
There are three quick and easy options for you. I will lay them out with the basic assets and liabilities to them for you. You can consider the other options that people are suggesting but any of them are a pisston more work.

1. DOHC Ej25 swap. Normally aspirate engine from 1996-1999 Legacy GT's, Outbacks and Foresters. Pretty easy swap. Most of the sensors swap right over. You've got to do a bit of work on the throttle body and IIRC maybe the injector harness. Run it on the stock ECU. There is a pretty complet how-to on Legacy Cental. I believe it's written by Jason Graham if you want to search for it. 165chp. Complete engine with intake manifold will run you $500-1000. Replace the head gaskets before installation, which means a water pump and timing belt are kind of a no brainer at the same time. So figure more like $800-1200 installed.

2. Ej22T turbo legacy swap. Still pretty easy. Found in 1991-1994 Legacies. Get the complete wiring harness and the turbo engine crossmember with all related exhaust plumbing and it's a total bolt on affair. Be sure to get the related turbo sensors from the right front strut tower (ie Boost control solenoid and pressure sensor). 165chp. These are getting harder to find because of limited production numbers. The easiest approach these days is to find an auto transmission car with a bad tranny and buy it for super cheap, take what you need and part it out. I've done this a couple times. I've always come out with zero out of pocket at the end of it all. This is a stock swap. You are basically just replacing the non-turbo stuff with turbo. You can upgrade some stuff but the limit without really getting into it is around 220chp.

3. This one is my favorite. JDM Ej20G. This is the early Legacy turbo and WRX motor found in Japan and ROW. There are a couple variants but they are all pretty much the same. This is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to some real power. If you get a 240-260chp variant with a tdo05 turbo it is best. Expect to pay $1000-1500 for a complete swap. Do not rewire the whole car. Do not cut and splice like guys do with the Impreza. All you need from the harness is the above mentioned turbo sensors. You also need to add coil on plug ignition. There's a couple ways to do this. Using modern WRX coils is the best. Otherwise your chassis wiring is already identical to what this car used. You've got to repin a few things, but otherwise this is the easiest wiring swap known to man. I've done a couple of these. 3-4 hours of wiring is all that it take. None of this 50 hours BS the Impreza guys do. 1st gen Legacies are great for this stuff. You will need a turbo crossmember like the Ej22T. Otherwise all the parts are pretty easy to come by. If you do it smart and sell off some extra stuff, you can do this for $600-800 installed.

You can run your stock tranny. Just upgrade the clutch and pressure plate while you are making the swap. If you have any questions about what I have said, ask away. And if you feel like the background noise it too loud, feel free to shoot me a PM here or on Legacy Central and I will do my best to get back to you quickly.

ps. Under no circumstances consider the twin turbo unless you plan to convert it to a single turbo. It's a royal pain of an install and has all kinds of performance issues even though it carries a 280chp rating.
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