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Default Looking for Roobar manufactures..

This might be a crosspost because I asked the dressup and style guys but IMO this NEEDs to serve a purpose and I figgured the people here might now better because heck, some of you might use them! If I am breaking the rule, please delete.

A little background.

I am doing a heavy buildup of my car, rollcage (soon) FMIC, built motor, redone drivetran, rally suspension and street suspension. I want my car to be a true dual purpose car.

What I am looking for.

Since I am going with the Blitz FMIC I am cutting my bumper beam. I think that I should get somthing in the front og the car to protect the car and myself in a frontal cllision or if some soccer mom backs into me in a parking lot.

Well I had the idea... cowcatcher/RooBar! If I can get a huge hunk of metal like those brush guards that are on the SUVs and Trucks yet, be able to have air flow to the FMIC, protect the FMIC and also attach lights for offroad goodness

So it comes to: where could I get one? I talked to the guys at rallispec and they basically told me it is a custom job unless I came acrosse a prodrive rally car and I happen to have a blowtourch
What do you guys think? any ideas? Know any vendors? If you guys don't realy know where to get them, do you guys have any pictures of them on subarus? I might be able to talk a good welding friend into making one if it came down to it. but I hope not.
Thanks for your time everyone. I hope this wasn't a bad crosspost.
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