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whoa, watch out! -- it could be the signs of your idler pulley/bearing on the a/c compressor starting to go.

mine started making all kinds of weird turbo whine-like noises right before it went...incidentally about 5 months after putting on the N1 pulleys, although they aren't underdriven.

you'll know when it goes, because you'll start your car, and hear the most awful metal-on-metal scraping you'll ever in you can't SHOUT over it. if it does, just remove the idler assembly, and you'll be fine...except you won't have any way to run your a/c. if you want to check it, i suppose you can remove the belts, and turn the pulley by hand -- the one i removed felt VERY gritty when i turned it.

here's the REAL beeeeyotch about the whole thing -- subaru doesn't sell the pulley/bearing separately, so you have to buy a WHOLE new assembly with the bracket, then disassemble that (the new bracket didn't fit my car) to get just the pulley/bearing assembly, and stick that on the old bracket. the entire assembly should run you $90-100 new...ugh...

i tried locating the pulley alone (for several months), and anything i could find in a junkyard was just as bad, so i just bought the whole thing new from the stealership. of course then once i got that back together, my a/c started that weird shuddering nonsense at idle (still works fine under load), so i've been running without a/c around town for almost a year...

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