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Excellent! Those look very nice. =)

hah It's funny. I leave NASIOC for a while, and when I start coming back more frequently, so many of the ideas I suggested quite some time ago, but didn't have the money to test, are being tried by others.

I guess I really should be "in the 'biz", since I seem to have some amount of foresight into what things will, at least eventually, be worth testing, or be successful. But, then, my doctors often say that and want me to practice medicine.

Ahh well, I just hope it works out really well for you. Anyone who knows me well will know that I make off-the-wall suggestions, but I'm also careful to state that I'm not claiming knowledge about if they work- merely asserting that they are worth trying, and that there's a high probability that they will work. Very different.

Make sure to keep us all posted on how well it revs!

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