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Originally Posted by Matt Monson View Post
The Ej22T is substantially heavier than a number of other EJ series engines because it's closed deck. An Ej25 may be a better starting point.

Unless you are planning on rebuilding the engine yourself, I suggest you contact Colorado Component Rebuilders. All they do are Subaru engines. 2/3 or more of their business if for the homemade airplane and helicopter market. They are experts on what you are doing.

At $800 that Ej22T powered car is well price and you can make some money on that engine. It is a very desirable engine for other applications and you can help fund your project if you have the time and ability to part out that car.
Thanks for the info. I called CCR, they were very helpful. I am still not sure however which engine will be the lightest, are you sure the 25 will be lighter than the 22?

I figure the only thing I can do now is buy that old car, pull the engine and all the other little tidbits that might be needed, and initially part out the rest, and deliver the remaining to the scrap yard. Is there anything of value other than the engine (it's a Legacy Wagon) that would be attractive on Ebay?

It is quite possible however this will become a fruitless exercise, if that happens and I offer up the engine and all the removed engine goodies on these boards or Ebay, what will it bring?

I think the project is close enough that with some weight reductions of heavier cast aluminum parts on the airframe and ancillary engine parts (intake for example) enough weight can be reduced to put the drivetrain well enough near the stock empty weight so as not to greatly exceed the stock max gross weight. That is the goal after all. The stock engine is about 125 horsepower!
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