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Originally Posted by Troa View Post
a turbo motor might not be the best place to look for a reliable engine. NA motors are usually a little better with that.
Are you friends with Bubba?

The turbo really is discretionary. The vast majority of engines that CCR builds for the homemade airplane crowd are NA Ej22e's. They install a Delta cam in them that gives them an extra 15hp over stock and when freed from the restrictions of the factory intake and exhaust they are fine for most of those guys.

With a non-restrictive intake and exhaust along with a set of cams, an otherwise stock Ej25 engine will make more than 200bhp at sea level. You can read all about my car if you go search in the NA forum, but I will give you the relevant details to try and convince you that you do not need to turbocharge that engine for your use.

I live at 5000ft. When I had just an intake, headers with high flow cat, and cams, along with lightweight flywheel and pullies, I put down 119 whp on our local dyno. That's an uncorrected number. That's the real power up here without any compensation for altitude to make it look like an SAE sea lever number. We use a very aggressive dyno here that it known for reading low. Conservative numbers generally put the drivetrain loss of our AWD drivetrains at about 35%. Based on that, my engine was actually making 183chp at that point. That hits your number with a bit to spare. That was on a stock factory ECU with no additional tuning control.

So, what I am saying here is that you very well may be able to avoid the added weight and the complications of a turbo. It's your project and you will do what you want, but I just want you to know that it really isn't required based on the performance parameters you have presented to us.
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