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Default Power Enterprise / Cosworth / Fujitsubo / Tomei / Walbro + @@@ Engine Built Part

Cosworth Subaru EJ25 High Performance Short Block - $5284 shipped
Cosworth Subaru EJ25 High Performance Short Block w/ Billet Crankshaft- $8806 shipped

New Subaru EJ25 STI Engine Case, New Subaru STI Forged Crankshaft, Cosworth Forged Connecting Rods
, Cosworth Forged Pistons, Cosworth High Performance Piston Rings, Cosworth Race Spec coated Tri- Metal Bearings
,Balanced and Professionally assembled, Billet Crankshaft optional

Cosworth Subaru EJ25 (STI) CNC Ported Big Valve Cylinder heads Pr. (KK3670) - $4011 shipped
CNC Ported/machine finished ports - New OE Castings, Hand blended finish work, Intake � 22% Increased Flow (max)
Exhaust � 41% Increased Flow (max), 4-angle Inlet Valve job, 3-angle & radiused Exhaust Valve job, Valves are lapped
Back-Cut Inlet Valves, Heads are Ultra Sonic cleaned prior to assembly, Heads are Serialized and sport a machined Cosworth logo
+1mm Stainless Steel Intake Valves (1800 degrees max.), +1mm Inconel Exhaust Valves (2400 degrees max.)
Performance Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers, Hardened Steel Spring Platforms, Knife Edge port divider

Cosworth EJ20 US Spec Cam Shaft Set - $993 Shipped
Cosworth EJ257 US Spec Cam Shaft Set - $1098 Shipped
Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 Jap/Euro Spec Cam Shaft Set - $1098 Shipped

Cosworth has been engineering camshafts for nearly 50 years. That coupled with years of innovative multi valve cylinder head design ensures our camshaft designs or the most efficient in providing maximum usable power across the widest power band. Each cam is ground from a new chill cast billet and finished using the same procedures we use in our extreme level race engines. Cosworth camshafts are the perfect compliment to our CNC Ported Big Valve Cylinder heads. Our Subaru EJ25 cams are profiled to increase boost response thereby increasing engine torque and power and are fully compatible with the Subaru STI AVCS. Please download the technical document on the left for camshaft specifications.

Cosworth Subaru EJ20/25 Oil Pump - $285.00 shipped
Cosworth Subaru EJ20/25 High Pressure / High Volume Oil Pump - $465.00 shipped

Designed to improve the oiling on modified engines. Each pump is disassembled and inspected. Oil galleys are then honed to ensure unobstructed flow. We then incorporate a modified pressure relief valve to maintain pressure stability throughout the rpm range. Note: Flow rate is unchanged. This is an essential item on any high performance engine.

Cosworth EJ25 99.5mm / 99.75mm Piston and RING SET - $1099 shipped
Cosworth EJ20 92.0 mm / 92.50mm Piston and RING SET - $1099 shipped

The piston is one of the most important components within an engine. It can be subjected to directional change up to 285 times every second and must withstand acceleration forces up to 8500g. Cosworth high performance forged pistons are designed and engineered to withstand this type of punishment and still perform. All Cosworth forged pistons are manufactured using the same methods as our Formula One pistons and feature friction reducing skirt coating, ultra strong pins, polished tops and patented anti-detonation bands. Additionally, each application uses a unique forging to minimize weight and ensure the strongest possible piston design. • Proprietary Cosworth alloy • Popular sizes • Unique forging • Skirt coating • Polished top • Anti-detonation bands • High strength pin

Cosworth Subaru EJ20/25 Main and Rod Bearing Sets - $162 shipped

Cosworth Subaru EJ20/EJ25 Billet Timing Belt guide - $61 shipped
Prevents timing belt from skipping at high rpms
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