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Default my puny little RS finnaly beats it's best 1/4 time

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NOTE: the 1/4mi times are functional links to the timeslips

Yesterday the weather was perfect here. 85 hi, low humidity, perfect day for dragracing, so grabbed my helmet, met up with Mike (black WRX), and we hit the track.

When we got there, it was already starting to get crowded, and there were a ton of Imports showing up due to the NOPI Nationals being this weekend. We ran into another WRX owner, his name was Mike too, he had a red WRX, bone stock.

After standing around chatting for an hour, we finnally get ready to stage. My first run, I lined up next to a 99+ Mustang GT, with at least exhaust and a K&N, on street tires. I caught myself dozing on the line, so my RT sucked ass(.959). I nailed a great 60' (1.919), and hauled ass down the strip. When I got my timeslip I was pleasantly surprised. 13.996@97.52. I beat my best time, heh, barely. Even tho the Mustang crossed the line before I did, my ET was lower than his. Mike in the Black WRX ran ok, getting a ~14.8, the other Mike ran a 14.7 his first time ever.

My second run, I lined up against what I think was a Dodge Dakota. This time, I redlighted like crazy (.335), and screwed my launch, bogged hard(2.116 60'). I did manage to leave the truck behind by over a second. I crossed the traps with a 14.556@94.32. The two Mikes raced each other that run, and Mike with the red WRX won, just barely. Mike with the black WRX screwed up his launch.

My third run I lined up against Mike with the black WRX. He figured the only way to beat me would be to redlight, or catch me sleeping. Well, he redlighted, AND I got a poor RT (.620) so he got the jump on me. We both got decent launches, he had a 2.000 to my 1.958. Of course I managed to reel him in pretty quickly. I blew past him around the 1/8th mile mark, and contemplated hitting the hazards, but I waited untill after I crossed the beams. I ran a 14.035@97.69 to his 14.523@93.49. We both got a kick out of the announcer, he could see my shift light going off.

Red Mike took off, but the other Mike and I decided to stick around. After about a two hour wait because a car on slicks hit the wall doing 120+ (the driver walked away), I finally got to the line for the fourth run. By now it had cooled off a bit more, and I decided to take the left lane for once. I lined up next to a newer Thunderbird Supercoupe. I got a good launch (1.934 60') and noticed the car felt like it was pulling a touch better. I nailed all my shifts, and over the radio I could hear the announcer talking about the Supercoupe. He even mentioned how it was losing to a MUSTANG! When I crossed the traps I heard him say "13.8, but he [the Supercoupe] managed a 15.4, not bad." I thought I was hearing things, and rushed to get my timeslip. Sure enough, I wasn't crazy, I ran a 13.810@98.38!! I was pretty damn psyched at this point. I was considering leaving, but Mike suggested I stay and get one last run in, so I did.

My last run, I lined up next to an Elltee Juan Camaro. This time, I slept at the lights, but managed a wicked launch (1.885 60'). I tapped the revlimiter in second, but still crossed the traps at 13.861@98.16! I damn near backed up the previous run. I was pretty damn happy at this point. Mike pulled off a 14.3 for his last run.

Here's a picture of my car after tech with the numbers on it:

Other highlights, this showed up for a few runs:

He said he was hoping to have a Lightning pully before he ran it, but it didn't come yet. Every F-body owner there wanted to line up next to him. The only time I heard was a 13.4 at around 112 mph.

Also, this guy was there for testing for the weekend:

His first run he pulled a ~11s coasting most of the way. His second run he pulled a mid 9, after letting off mid track. The thing sounded unbelivable! The pit crew was cool as hell too, we chatted with them for a few mins while waiting in the staging lanes, and I got tons of pics. I even got pics of their other car.

There was quite a bit of rice, and also some nice imports. There was a dude with a questionable paint job, and tezza's, no huge spoiler tho, thank god. He had a supercharged GSR with bolt ons. Ran 14.1s and lower (no 13s) at around 99mph. I saw an Si with tezzas run a 15.4, don't know what he had done. All in all, I'm pretty damn happy with the runs.
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