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Originally Posted by silver-duck View Post
I am ready to buy one; the painful part is listening to the negative whining of some people.
Yep, that's exactly what I was trying to do. Very good champ. But if you didn't notice I was bringing up some of my concerns about the idea/theory behind this.

Now back on topic...

jhargis - what you said about the stock trans have deflection. How much are we talking about? How much is the case actually moving. I understand that there is quite a bit of force behind the actual gears in the transmission, but if this was a problem wouldn't there have been an easy fix from the factory that would prevent numerous 5 speeds from being blown up? Also - I am just curious on this but how many 5 speed trans cases have actually cracked? I haven't seen any first hand, but obviously creative minds have been inspired by something.

I understand your point about helical cut gears causing more bearing deflection, as the whole concept seems like the gears would almost bind together more so than straight cuts anyway... But how often do you see bearing failures in the 5-speeds as well? The most common failure on the gearboxes is obviously the gears themselves. My point is that it's going to be hard to measure any amount of success on these braces as it isn't something common to have go wrong. That and the test car is going to need to throw down some real serious torque.

It's obvious that the 5 speed is holding back a lot of people from making some serious power (me being one). But it's going to be hard to tackle a problem like case reinforcement when the only solution to having a decent gearset costs approximately $5000. (PPG gears of course) Hopefully with the release of the Helix gears whenever that will be and creative minds like jhargis those who don the 5 speed may in fact one day be able to have reliable 400AWHP numbers.

I wish you the best of luck in designing these braces, and I truly do hope that someone can take actual data of before and after so that there is some serious facts to these braces. If there is any evidence of it helping the gearset last longer - I will for sure pick up a set. As for me - I'll be lurking waiting for a proper solution in order to get serious horsepower numbers on a 5 speed without spending 6 grand.
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