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Originally Posted by Phatron View Post
i was bored ....just trying to be funny.

you guys just an online vendor, or a shop too?

its' all good, thats what i figured

actually a shop, I do more travel tuning than work out in Spokane, WA where i'm at, but things locally have really taken off out here I can't complain on that end at all.

Right now it's actually time to sell the STi so I can get the more going with the shop...including the project car I have all these parts laying around for

Originally Posted by wrxwhat View Post
lol, 7.3 is ridiculous I don't know if I can believe that without a slip.
I do have 2 time slips to back it up, it seems fast to me too...I have a good friend w/ a big block chevelle, it runs roughly the same 60' and around a 7.3 1/8 mile..but has quite a bit more up top and does go mid 11's so I know exactly what you mean when it seems fast...

I will have the slips up here below

Originally Posted by Drew dc5 View Post
Yeah 1/8th mile does seem to be rather off compared to average for that E/T.
I agree it suprised me as well, car has amazing low end and off the line, up top it's sooo slow... needs a bigger turbo (well i've save that for the new project.)

Also here is a picture of the engine bay as it sits (just took the picture about 10 min ago):

Here are a few times slips:

1st Qualifying Pass: 12.54 @ 111.10

1st bracket racing run: 12.30 @ 111

2nd bracket racing pass: 12.34 @ 110.5 (turned boost down this run)

3rd brakcet racing pass: 12.59 @ 108.4

I don't know the exact boost levels, I wasn't looking at boost when I was running, I am using a Hallman MBC, and I know the car wasn't going over 21 PSI as I had the same setting on the street hitting roughly 18-20 PSI peak.
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